Courses in Botanical Watercolor

Come join me

Courses in botanical watercolor. Here you will learn tips and tricks into drawing and painting flowers with watercolor.
We will talk about the different watercolor papers, paints and brushes, and take the time to immerse ourselves into the world of botanical art.



Date: New dates coming up soon

Max 6 pr. course. Price vary according to type of course : Weekend, 1 day og 5 x dayscourse

If you are a group, and looking for alternative dates, please feel free to contact me.


If you are interested in joining a course, please send me an email or text and list the course no.

Mail. info@birngallery.com
SMS +45 31252350

Latest News

New medium / june

Exploring new medium.
Oil painting on acrylic background.
Painted on MDF panel.

Tree-Pot / april

Garden decoration.
I needed to cheer up my boring garden with some decoration. So why not a tree-pot to shine up an otherwise lonely tree.

Easter Bunny / march

Greeting from the Easter Bunny.
Having fun in my newly made soft yellow jacket.

Anemone Mom / jan

My sweet little mom turned 85 in jan. Here she´s depicted (approx 23 years old) with small anemones, which she and I always picked in the forests when I was a kid. Anemones is the flower I associate her with.

New party styles / jan

Getting ready for post Corona parties. Mayby I should change the shoes from clogs to high heels. Fabric ultra soft viscose. Love it.

Hula Hooping / sep

What better than to hulahoop, with pink thimbleweed

Jump Jimmy Jump / aug

Nobel Prize recipient and former US president. Found this fantastic image of Jimmy Carter, and just had to use it. Jumping around in a forest full of elderberries

NEW/ Botanical Workshop

I´m so happy to welcome all who want to join me in a 2 days workshop. Here we will be painting botanical using watercolors. Check out instagram BIRNGALLERY for dates.

Sugarbeet lifting / jan

Having fun painting my first ever vegetable.

It happend to be a sugarbeet.

Tulip Skater / Nov.

My all time favorite flower. Tulips

Don´t ask my why. There are so many pretty and gorgeous flowers, but for some reason, I always think of tulips as number 1

Wines / Sep

Working on a new project

Lazy boy / aug. in Nice

Vacation project. Surrounded by fantastic palmtrees

Bering House of Flowers


I´ll be showing my paintings at the wonderful flowershop in the center of Copenhagen. From June 13th-July 4th.

Lucky me.

Past & Present / May

I´ve made this painting of my son to celebrate his konfirmation. Here he is depicted at the age of 14 and age 2.

Love of dogs / march

Painted on request.

Self-portrait / feb

On its way with finishing up the painting. Cant figure out where to place the photo of myself. Here I´m 10 years old.

Gallery showing

So excited to be showing my paintings at Gallery Knud Grothe.

Opening Feb. 9th - March 3th. 2019

New stationary / dec

Great news
Postcards and lots of selfie-stickers are ready to be packed and sold. I´m totally psyched ;-)

Bullseye / oct

Shooting straight, even with leaves in the way.

In Remembrance / sep

My father age 25 in 1959. He died almost 10 years ago, and I think of him often. I love this picture of him. He looks so peacefull. I wanted to depict him under a cloud of his favorite flowers - fresiaers.

Best friends / sep

What´s better than to sit in a forest of thimbleweeds, having a good and long talk with your best friend.

Self-portrait / aug

I thought..
Why not make a new self-portrait.
So here´s my intial idea.
And I´m taking it VERY seriously!!

My little Snowdrop Girl

Come walk with me

Pumping Tinkerbells

Be strong


Happy memories of my childhood

Examples of sold work

"Big World"

I just adore Grape Hyacinth.

watercolor, acrylic & cut-out figure 36x51 cm

"Sweet Prince"

In rememberance of our late
Prince Henrik.

watercolor / cut-out picture
36x42 cm

"New Species"

Ivy growing in my garden turned into this beautiful piece.

watercolor / cut-out figure
54x72 cm

"Good Talk"

What´s better than to have a long and good talk with your best friend in a thimbleweed forest.

watercolor / cut-out figure
36 x 51 cm



Dont´t deside for me what it is to fail. Mayby failing is a good thing.

Not perfect IS perfect.

If I´m to take the consequence, I want to make the dicision.

- core -

Family first

My basecamp / my core


I´m so lucky to have a great and light studio.
I would like to spend ALL my time here.
But my dog Eddie needs a walk occasionally !!


I enjoy so much my light and airy workshop, and love being able to immerse myself into new projects.

And I´ve got sooo much stuff.
Collected over a period of 48 years.

No excuses for not being creative.

Commission / Example

Want to learn to paint botanical ?

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