latest news

Gallery showing

So excited to be showing my paintings at Gallery Knud Grothe.

Opening 9th of feb. 2019

New stationary dec 3th

Great news
Postcards and lots of selfie-stickers are ready to be packed and sold. I´m totally psyched ;-)

Bullseye / oct 24th

Shooting straight, even with leaves in the way.

In Remembrance / sep 30th

My father age 25 in 1959. He died almost 10 years ago, and I think of him often. I love this picture of him. He looks so peacefull. I wanted to depict him under a cloud of his favorite flowers - fresiaers.

Best friends / Sep 12th.

What´s better than to sit in a forest of thimbleweeds, having a good and long talk with your best friend.

Self-portrait / aug 25th

I thought..
Why not make a new self-portrait.
So here´s my intial idea.
And I´m taking it VERY seriously!!

My little Snowdrop Girl

Come walk with me

Pumping Eucalyptus

Be strong

Examples of sold work

"Big World"

I just adore Grape Hyacinth.

watercolor, acrylic & cut-out figure 36x51 cm

"Sweet Prince"

In rememberance of our late
Prince Henrik.

watercolor / cut-out picture
36x42 cm

"New Species"

Ivy growing in my garden turned into this beautiful piece.

watercolor / cut-out figure
54x72 cm

"Good Talk"

What´s better than to have a long and good talk with your best friend in a thimbleweed forest.

watercolor / cut-out figure
36 x 51 cm



Dont´t deside for me what it is to fail. Mayby failing is a good thing.

Not perfect IS perfect.

If I´m to take the consequence, I want to make the dicision.

- core -

Family first

My basecamp / my core


I´m so lucky to have a great and light studio.
I would like to spend ALL my time here.
But my dog Lucy needs a walk occasionally !!


I enjoy sitting at my workbench, and immerse myself into new projects.

And I´ve got sooo much stuff.
Collected over a period of 47 years.

No excuses for not being creative.

Commisions / Example