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Best friends / Sep 12th.

What´s better than to sit in a forest of thimbleweeds, having a good and long talk with your best friend.

Self-portrait / aug 25th

I thought..
Why not make a new self-portrait.
So here´s my intial idea.
And I´m taking it VERY seriously!!

Eggy fase / aug 16th

Apparently I´m having an eggy face.
Go figure.
But I´m having so much fun (and difficulty) painting egg shells.
It´s quit challeging doing white on white.

My little Snowdrop Girl

Come walk with me

Pumping Eucalyptus

Be strong

Examples of sold work

"Big World"

I just adore Grape Hyacinth.

watercolor, acrylic & cut-out figure 36x51 cm

"Sweet Prince"

In rememberance of our late
Prince Henrik.

watercolor / cut-out picture
36x42 cm

"New Species"

Ivy growing in my garden turned into this beautiful piece.

watercolor / cut-out figure
54x72 cm

"Good Talk"

What´s better than to have a long and good talk with your best friend in a thimbleweed forest.

watercolor / cut-out figure
36 x 51 cm



Dont´t deside for me what it is to fail. Mayby failing is a good thing.

Not perfect IS perfect.

If I´m to take the consequence, I want to make the dicision.

- core -

Family first

My basecamp / my core


I´m so lucky to have a great and light studio.
I would like to spend ALL my time here.
But my dog Lucy needs a walk occasionally !!


I enjoy sitting at my workbench, and immerse myself into new projects.

And I´ve got sooo much stuff.
Collected over a period of 46 years.

No excuses for not being creative.

Commisions / Example